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Magnetic Wire Clamps

SKU Mag-wireclip-black-LN
Color: Black
Introducing our Magnetic Wire Clamps, the perfect solution for effortlessly hanging icicle light strands on metal surfaces! Available in four vibrant colors - Green, Black, White, or Clear - these innovative clamps blend seamlessly with your decor while providing superior functionality.

Crafted with a threaded design, our clamps offer versatility by securely accommodating various wire sizes. Simply clamp them onto your icicle light strands and let the powerful magnets do the rest, securely holding onto metal roofs, metal flashing, or metal buildings without any hassle.

Say goodbye to frustrating installations and hello to convenience with our Magnetic Wire Clamps. Transform your holiday decorating experience today!
  • Clamp on to your icicle light strands and hang on to metal surfaces (i.e. metal roofs, metal flashing, metal buildings, etc.)
  • Attach your wire cord extensions to metal surfaces.
  • Three colors to choose from (Green, Black or White)
  • Threaded design allows for multiple size wires to be clamped securely. (20 clips per pack)