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Sparkle™ C7 and C9 Replacement Bulb

Introducing the Sparkle™ Bulb, We Sell Christmas Lights'  C9 Replacement bulb. Engineered with cutting-edge SMD LED technology, these bulbs outshine all others, delivering enhanced color saturation, consistent brightness, a full 360-degree viewing angle, and customizable dimming capabilities for an awe-inspiring ambiance. The faceted lens design adds a touch of brilliance and sparkle to your decorative arrangements. Crafted from a premium, crystal-clear material, the Sparkle™ bulb is UV resistant and expertly sealed to ensure unrivaled durability, safeguarding against corrosion and water damage. Expect their vibrant hues and luminosity to endure for years to come. Our Sparkle™ Bulbs are thoughtfully designed with E17 bases, seamlessly compatible with all traditional C9 cords, allowing effortless conversion from incandescent to energy-efficient LED lighting. Furthermore, when combined with our C9 cords, you can effortlessly create an entirely new lighting ensemble for your holiday designs. Illuminate your roofline, outline walkways, and accentuate trees with the unmatched brilliance of the Sparkle™ Bulb.
  • C9 LED faceted Christmas light bulb
  • SMD Chip Bulbs constructed with durable Polystyrene
  • Magnifier and water sealer helps protect the LED bulb
  • LED bulbs save energy and last longer
  • Long lasting LED bulb life-60,000 rated hours
  • Connect up to 350' feet continuously
  • Sparkle™ bulb-UL approved indoor and outdoor use
  • Integrated UV Resistance
  • All Colors Match Industry Standards
  • 360 degree viewing angle
  • Dimmable for Maximum Effect
  • Completely sealed and as waterproof as you can make them!