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LED Mini Lights Sherman, TX


Looking for LED Mini lights in Sherman, TX? We ship nationwide. 

When decorating your home or office, LED mini lights are the product choice for most professional Christmas Light Installers.  LED Mini lights come in a variety of colors giving you a wide range of colors to choose from. You can find the following colors at most Commercial Christmas Light retailers;

  • Pure White
  • Cool White
  • Warm White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple

There are now LED mini lights available that come in RGB which allows you to decide what color you want to use. Systems like the RBBWW, you can color change the strands to match the season or event with just a click of the button using the remote provided with each strand.  

When purchasing LED mini lights, you have several different options to choose from. Here are several options you will want to be aware of when purchasing;

Bulb Spacing

The two most common bulb spacing on mini lights are 4" and 6" spacing. The most popular are 70 light count, 4" spacing and the 50 light count, 6" spacing.  Both strands are 24' in length making it much more manageable when decorating your project.  

Coaxial vs Traditional

Coaxial and Traditional Mini Lights

Coaxial LED mini lights have a water tight seal when connecting two strands together. Coaxial strands are great for wetter climate's and areas located closer to the ocean.  You will need a coaxial power adaptor when using these types of strands.  

Traditional LED Mini lights are your standard strands that have a standard Edison style plug.  There is no power adaptor requirement for these strands. 

Depending on the amount of watts each strand has, most LED mini lights can connect up to 45 strands end to end. You will want to reference the tag located on the strand for wattage information for the Mini light strands you purchased. 

Commercial grade LED mini lights are Certified Christmas Light Installers number one choice when installing LED mini lights.  Commercial grade LED mini lights are made with a single injection mold to eliminate moisture seepage and preventing the lights from tripping a GFCI circuit.  

Commercial grade LED mini light strands can be used for many decorating applications. Most commonly used on trees, bushes, shrubs and windows, LED mini light strands can help you create that elegant holiday look for years to come.