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C7 and C9 Bulk Empty Socket Line

C7 and C9 Bulk Empty Socket Line are popular for stringing Christmas lights around homes, office buildings and shopping malls. Our Empty Socket Line comes in a variety of lengths including 250′, 500′ and 1000′. They can also be used along with party globe bulbs for weddings, home patios, restaurants, and home/office decor.
We Sell Christmas Lights offers a large variety of Empty socket line including both gauges of wire offered, SPT-1 and SPT-2.

Custom Design

C7 and C9 Bulk Empty Socket Line are a great product for custom designing any Christmas Light Installation job. With C7 12″ 1000′ Spools bulk spools, you have the ability to switch out the lights and replace with any C7 Bulb color.  Easily decorate for birthdays, weddings and holidays by adding a touch of color.  Cut the light line to any length and easily add Male and Female Vampire plugs.  Let your line act as a power source for windows and wreaths.  Easily add a female vampire plug in the light line and create an power source anywhere. Splice the spool of sockets into your own customized lengths to custom fit them to any area.