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Choosing the best type of Mini Lights

Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year and it has become a past time to decorate your home of office during this wonderful time. So much joy can come along during the holiday season so why not make it right the LED mini lights. 

When choosing your mini lights for the Holiday season, there are few things you should know to help you select the right ones. Here are some tips to help you hang like a pro;

Mini Light Strand Length

LED mini light strands come in a variety of lengths ranging from 17'-50' in length. The most common length of LED mini lights used by professional installers is 24'. This length makes it more manageable when wrapping trees or bushes. 

Mini Light Type

LED-LED Mini light strands have by far become the most popular strands when it comes to professional decorating.  Using over 75% less power, they have made not only the installation process easier but also easing the pain when paying the electric bill. Using less energy, most LED min lights allow you to connect up to 45 strands end to end.  

Incandescent-Slowly falling wayside to LED;s, Incandescent mini lights have become less popular over the years.  Because of their high power consumption, you can connect less and also have to make sure you are not overloading circuits during the install.  

Bulb Spacing

LED mini lights come in a variety of bulb spacing.  The most popular are 4" and 6" spacing. 

6" Spacing LED Mini Lights-6" spacing LED mini lights are probably the most popular type.  They will be cheaper than the 4" and still give you a magical result.  When using a 24' LED mini light strand, you will have 50 LED bulbs that will still allow you to decorate like the professionals. 

4" Spacing LED Mini Lights- With the 4" spacing LED mini lights, the bulbs are closer together and giving you more lights on your tree, bush or whatever application you decide to use them for.  On a 24' LED mini light strand with 4" spacing, you will have 70 lights lighting up your desired tree or bush.  They are more expensive than the 6" but will light the surface with 20 more lights per strand.  

Connection Type

Coaxial and traditional LED mini lights

Traditional-Traditional plug LED mini lights are what is used in most professional Christmas light installs.  They are standard plug that allows you to plug directly into the receptacles.  

Coaxial-Coaxial LED mini lights have connections that when connected together have a water tight seal.  These are very popular in damper environments and locations closer to the ocean. The water tight seal prevents water from getting in the connections and helps prevent GFCI;s from tripping.  

Colors-LED mini lights come in a multitude of colors.  By far the most popular being warm white.  You can also find them in red, orange, blue, green, pure white, cool white, multi and even mixed colors.  Now a days you can find them, in RBG, allowing you to pick your colors for a multitude of Holidays.  

Light Mold-Professional Christmas Light Installers use a single mold LED mini light when installation.  Many mini lights come in two people allowing you to replace the bulb but having a 2 piece mold is just another opportunity for water to get in the light and trip a circuit or GFCI.  A single mold LED mini light will prevent this from happening.

  Single mold led mini light


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