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There is a lot of confusion floating around out there about the difference between warm white, sun warm white, cool white, white and whatever other white’s are out there when it comes to bulbs. Well this is where is all stems from, Kelvin, you can blame him. Not really, Kelvin is the SI base unit of thermodynamic temperature, equal in magnitude to the degree Celsius. What the Flagnog! I know, way too much info.  If you are attempting to color match these types of bulbs, this is what you want to know, what is the Kelvin Count.  Here’s the breakdown;

  • Less than 2400K: gives off a dim glow of light, similar to what you might find from candlelight-this would be your Warm White
  • 2400K-2800K: Very similar glow to Warm White but just a little Brighter; -This will be your Sun Warm White
  • 2800K-4600K: gives off a bright amount of white light; -This will be your Pure White
  • 6000K and up: gives off a bright bluish hue of light.  And that is what we call Cool White

Okay, I know what you thinking, WTMI, what? That’s not a acronym that is widely used?  Way too much information for those of you that don’t fall into the Kelvin count of Cool.  Yes, it is a lot to take in but it is something to think about.  Now, I’m not saying you should call your vendor and start placing orders based on Kelvin, but something you defiantly want to keep in mind when you are thinking about ordering a lower quality bulb or contemplating bringing an order over on a dinghy. 

When working with different vendors, you will stumble across different variations of all of the above.  So choose wisely my friends, and let Kelvin light the way.